The rule-of-law state: theory and practice - Юридический журнал Правовое государство: теория и практика

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The rule-of-law state: theory and practice

  The academic journal  “The Rule of     Law State: Theory and Practice” ISSN   2500-0217 (print version) is included  in   the  List of peer-reviewed scientific   editions,  recommended by the Supreme   Attestation Commission of the Ministry of   Education and Science of the Russian   Federation. The Journal is located at the nationwide   data analysis framework of the Russian   Federation Academic Citation Index   operated by the Russian Research E-Library eLIBRARY.RU

 The main aim of the academic   journal “The Rule of Law State: Theory   and  Practice” for the coming years is the   concretization of  ideas of modernizing the   state and law to the parameters of the   rule-  of-law state, taking into account the breakthrough of the creative group of researchers to new positions in this area. This is also dictated by the fact that in the modern world, in our opinion, the maintenance of justice in public life dominates in state activities. Such a task can be successfully carried out only by the rule-of-law state, which is supposed to be the most just power in modern society.
 If you are for a clear certainty in the identity of a modern state, for a real recognition of the Constitution as the basic law strictly binding upon all levels of government, if you are for a fair organization of public life in your homeland, then our Journal is for you. The journal publishes articles on the acute problems of implementing the provisions of Article 1 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the democratic federal and legal essence of our state. The aim of the journal is to consolidate public efforts to solve urgent problems in the field of the formation of the rule-of-law state.
The Main Objectives of the Journal are:
publication of materials on topical issues of state construction, issues of reforming legal system, lawmaking, development of parliamentarism, civil society institutions;
discussing the problems of increasing the effectiveness of research in the field of law, mobilizing the efforts of research teams to develop problems of improving the state law and judicial systems,       increasing the legal literacy of the population;
highlighting the experience of foreign countries in improving lawmaking and law enforcement practices, topical issues of the development of international law in the context of globalization.
Journal’s editorial team unites Russian and foreign scientists. Their advices and personal authorial participation allow us to be a relevant and interesting periodical.
Below is the schedule of presenting proprietary materials into scientific peer-reviewed journal “ “The Rule of Law State: Theory and Practice” s” and journal’s publications in 2015.
Core policy of the journal  “The Rule of Law State: Theory and Practice” ” implies the principle of openness of the journal to authors and readers.Open access to journal’s archives is provided on its web site  as well as on the platform of scientific electronic library, where full-text materials are located, along with metadata of journal’s articles in Russian and in English.Editorial staff of the journal applies the principles, developed by International Committee on Publication Ethics – COPE, and provisions of paragraph 70 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation “Copyright law”. 
The editor-in-chief is Doctor of Law, associate professor Farit Khatipovich Galiev.
 Editorial staff of the journal has a peer review institute for expert review of the articles’ manuscripts sent to the journal, whose activity is regulated by “Provision on Peer review”, approved by journal’s editorial staff. All the articles sent to the journal are checked via anti-plagiarism program.Index number for subscribing to the journal in union catalogue of Rospechat  “Newspapers. Journals”  is 81192.Journal is mailed to the Central Institute of Bibliography of the Russian Federation, All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Russian Academy of Sciences, to leading higher educational institutions, libraries, Research and Development establishments of Russia and near-abroad countries, including subscription mailing.


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ISSN 2500-0217 / Включен в Перечень ВАК