Конференции - Юридический журнал Правовое государство: теория и практика

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International scientific-practical conference "rule of law state:problems of understanding and implementation," posvjashennoi anniversary of the magazine


Международной научно-практической конференции «Правовое государство:проблемы понимания и реализации», посвященной10-летию журнала

So, during the two days leading legal scholars Russian lively discussion of the possibility of implementing the constitutional development of the vector in the direction of the rule of law. Discussion and subjected to the provisions set forth in the draft resolution, which we publish in its original form. In addition, we took into account the suggestions and scientists who took part in the conference held in absentia. All of these findings can serve as areas of scientific research for scientists engaged in the problems of the formation of the rule of law in Russia.

20-21 March 2013 in Ufa International scientific-practical conference "Problems of the rule of law in Russia." The organizers of the conference were: Institute of Law of the Bashkir State University, Department of Social Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the magazine "Rule of Law: Theory and Practice."

III International extramural scientific-practical conference "Politics and Law in the socio-economic system of society"


ISSN 2500-0217 / Включен в Перечень ВАК