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Association of Lawyers of Russia with the support of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Eurasian Economic Community, the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation

in the Urals Federal District, Governor of Sverdlovsk oblastina the Ural State Law Academy

6 - June 7, 2013 will be held Seventh session of the European-Asian Law Congress

"The right of the World Trade Organization: the impact on the economy and legislation of the European-Asian region"

Venue: Ekaterinburg, "Atrium Palace Hotel", ul. Kuibyshev, 44.

European-Asian Law Congress was established in 2007 by the Association of Lawyers of Russia in order to create a special "discussion platform" and forms of coordination of legal developments and research projects with the active participation of representatives of government, business, in cooperation with the SCO, EurAsEC, the EU, the WTO.

The main areas of the Seventh Session of the Congress are:

WTO rules and the problems of implementing the concept of national security of individual states;
WTO law as a tool for inter-state partnership and integration in the field of economics, finance, taxation and customs relations in the Euro-Asian region;
Russian civil law and international legal instruments;
international economic and legal cooperation of the states - members of EurAsEC, SCO and the EU in terms of accession to the WTO;
conflict resolution mechanisms in emerging international economic and legal cooperation;
harmonization of labor legislation and social security legislation of the European-Asian region in kontektse WTO;
impact of the volatility of world markets on the creation of the crime situation in the Euro-Asian region;
monitor the effectiveness of compliance with the requirements of anti-corruption legislation in the European and Asian legal space: procedures, criteria, evaluation of results;
universalization and fragmentation of the international legal regulation in the context of the WTO and international integration associations;
The Congress will be held in plenary, the base of the expert groups and round tables. With all the information you are interested you can visit the website of the Congress

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ISSN 2500-0217 / Включен в Перечень ВАК